“I’ve experienced back and shoulder pain for many years and have had numerous massages over the years to try and alleviate the pain.  2 weeks ago the pain was nearly unbearable so I did a search for good testimonials of therapists in the SE1 around and came across the Snowfields clinic and read Judit’s reviews.  Although more expensive than other massages I’ve had, I was willing to give it a go when I’d read of other people’s experiences.  I’m so glad I did as Judit was attentive, strong and firm with the right amount of pressure and taught me to breathe in a way to make the massage more effective.  What I really appreciated about Judit was her honesty.  As we both agreed my back was very bad I asked her opinion of how often I’d need to return and she told me to ‘see how you get on’ but maybe once every few weeks if you feel it necessary and see from there.  This was refreshing as other places I’ve been too ‘pressure’ you into returning for many sessions.  This was by far the best massage I’ve ever had and I’ll definitely be going back.  I was so impressed that my husband also saw Judit the following week!  Thank you.”

Ellen Yun