I booked a 1 hour remedial massage with Judit in April 2015. It was her first day practising from Ola Chiropractic. Her welcome was easy and she quickly and efficiently interviewed me to establish my health and what sorts of discomfort I was experiencing. I felt that she gave just the right amount of time to this before deciding and explaining what she proposed to do. She inspired confidence. The massage itself very effectively to explored, identified and then addressed the areas of discomfort, especially in upper back, shoulders and arms. Pressure was gradually increased and Judit took care always to check whether the pressure she was applying was bearable. At all times she maintained contact and progressed smoothly from one area to the next so that the whole session was “seemless”. Judit also gave useful advice about posture and what to do after the massage. Altogether a very therapeutic experience carried out with the utmost professionalism in a friendly and easy manner.

Gavin King-Smith (67)

The massage with Judit was just what I needed. I have not been able to properly relax in weeks, and within ten minutes I had entered into such a deep restorative place that all I could do was give thanks. Although not fully conscious I can say that she has a wonderful touch, soft, strong, confident, and yet so relaxing…she really got into the spots that needed so much attention that I had been neglecting. Thank you Judit!

Julia Robinson Poet, Translator