”I thought your Saturday session in Ashburton was just great. The movements were for the most part, subtle yet very effective. I came away feeling l had relaxed and soothed the muscles in my lower back that have been troubling me for a while, and just felt so energised and balanced!
    I have found all your classes great little ‘oasis’ in moving meditation, through the week. I’m so glad my friend suggested l should give it a try.  You have such a lovely open, bright and humorous personality, it just helps everyone get into the right ‘space’ prior to practice, which is so essential to setting the body mind right at the beginning.
    I always look forward to the weekly classes, as I hope to further improve my general well-being and flexibility. I couldn’t recommend your business any higher, thank you so much, Judit. 10/10”

Martin Harris

“At Judit’s ‘Awareness Through Movement – Refreshing Hips’ class I was engaged and relaxed, focussed and able to let go. Judit’s calm and clear instructions guided through gentle, yet powerful movements. After the class I felt more free, flowing and fluid in my lower body than I ever have before. Judit’s two-hour class brought me benefits that I’d never experienced during years of regular yoga practice.”

LC, Artist