My neck and shoulders are very stiff due to sitting on computer long hours
every day.
In my experience of Feldenkrais with Judit I most liked the pace; exercises are challenging and interesting and varied. I was more aware of the possibility of moving my body in new and different
ways. I was more aware of the possibility of moving various parts of the body for one single movement. In the previous walking workshop, I learnt how to walk in way that feels much more light and free.

Feldenkrais workshop 2019

Giovanna Colombetti

”I was looking for a gentle way to improve mobility and generally functionality of movement after many years of serious illness. Judit teaches with warmth, openness and humour which puts me at ease and enables my learning. She is an expert at creating a safe environment to work in. I enjoy that she is present in the space whilst teaching. After the Balanced Walking workshop i walked a lot and my body felt able to walk rather than it being a struggle. I felt as if i had an extra ‘walking battery’!”