My neck and shoulders are very stiff due to sitting on computer long hours
every day.
In my experience of Feldenkrais with Judit I most liked the pace; exercises are challenging and interesting and varied. I was more aware of the possibility of moving my body in new and different
ways. I was more aware of the possibility of moving various parts of the body for one single movement. In the previous walking workshop, I learnt how to walk in way that feels much more light and free.

Feldenkrais workshop 2019

Giovanna Colombetti

”Thank you for the taster class, I had an amazing response from my body and felt so much freer and more balanced afterwards. Until last night, I had four nights of the most healing and comfortable sleep I have had for a long time. I slept in a totally different position and did not wake up in the night. I have done the movements we learned twice since the class and each time noticed the difference.”

Karin Jordan, Creative Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Nature Connection