Massage dissolves stress and physical tension, nourishes and heals muscle tissue and frees you from pain and strain. You will feel relaxed and softly connected up in your body and mind.


Remedial massage is focussed on the relief of pain, discomfort and tension in the musculoskeletal system. Such symptoms can arise from the body storing mechanical, emotional and psychological stress in the soft tissue.

Judit’s  passion is in body awareness, movement and breath work, which she incorporates in each treatment. When habitual tensions are released from the muscle tissue, ideal conditions arise for the body’s realignment and return to ease.

Remedial massage treatments are directed by initial client consultation, modified to suit personal needs and adapted to individual responses. They are incredibly effective as preventative and rehabilitative treatment or simply as a much-needed release.


Sports injury can be induced by any repetitive overuse or misuse or by a history of acute injury. It is as useful for athletes in training, both before and after events, as it is for those who perform physical tasks or perhaps spend long periods in the same position at work.

Judit employs specialist skills and techniques for the treatment of such problems, as well as offering specific self-care instruction in the form of personalised stretches and exercise plans.


Massage during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial to both mother and baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time with many changes taking place in the mother’s body as the baby develops. Postural changes can strain joints, ligaments and organs, causing pain and discomfort.

Judit’s experienced hands offer safe alleviation of lower back and sciatic pain, muscle tension, spasm and cramping, headaches and many other symptoms, improving quality of sleep and all-round well-being at this most important time.

Please consult your doctor or midwife prior to treatment if your pregnancy is high-risk or you are experiencing any related medical complications.


Please also note that some physical conditions contraindicate massage at all times due to its profound physical effects. Fever, recent surgery, acute injury, contagious disease or cardiovascular health problems may require special treatment: please check with your GP if massage treatments are appropriate and safe for you.

After massage treatment you will feel softer and lighter but also can feel more tired. Drink plenty of water and listen to what your body needs. Retiring to proper rest and a hot bath will guarantee longer-lasting benefits!

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