HAVE A GOOD NECK and shoulders!

If you have experienced pain in the neck, tension in the shoulders, headaches, jaw problems, then this workshop is for you! 

Most of us know what it’s like to wake up with pain, stiffness or tension in the neck, or when the only way to look behind was to turn the whole body.
And the majority of people know what tension headaches feel like.  

What do we tend to do when these discomforts arise?

Generally people will try to stretch or crack their neck or make forceful movements in all directions while making grimaces. I used to do this too, to be honest it never worked, or just very temporarily. Most of the satisfaction came from just doing whatever that addressed the discomfort. When I see people doing these “quick fixes” now, I flinch. I don’t believe they are doing any good, and they may in fact be harmful.

What is it that makes the neck unhappy? 

Apart from the classic forward head posture or the ‘text neck’, we put our necks into very strenuous situations and abuse its great range of movement. The problem is that often we isolate the neck from the rest of the body.

An expression I hear people say so often: “I’m so up in my head, I want to be in my body more!” and I’m thinking: “Do you mean you think too much, and you want to feel more?” I wonder if clarifying neck connection would help integrate the head and the rest of the body to make it into a whole self?

In addition, emotional stress, particularly feelings like anger or anxiety are expressed or suppressed a lot through tension in the jaw, eyes and neck. Repeated experiences of these emotions together with trauma and unreleased, held tension can all build up in the tissues. When this happens, the release has to be gradual and very gentle and accompanied with lots of awareness and knowledge of self. 

How to help the neck?

What I have learned from the approach of the Feldenkrais Method, is to give the poor neck a rest and look at the wider picture.
I believe we can address this issue in a more intelligent way. By recognising through a physical experience and awareness, the interconnectedness of the neck and the rest of the spine, shoulders, sternum and ribs, jaw, skull and even our eyes and tongue.

We will be exploring and learning about the area of the neck and shoulders from a focused to a more general view. The approach is through carefully structured gentle and slow Awareness Through Movement  lessons.

Arrive at 10.15am for a 10.30am start sharp. 
Bring a light lunch. 
Wear comfortable, warm clothes that you can move easily in. 
There are some mats and blankets in the studio. 
A few parking spaces in front of studio (more in town).

Cost: £55


Pass this on if you think someone can benefit from this work or if you had a good experience with the Feldenkrais Method and/or me. 

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