Seasons Greetings! About stress and news for Feldenkrais classes in 2019

An end of a year and a beginning of another one is almost here. The busy pre Christmas month is in full motion. Sometimes we are pushing through when we know that this stress will pass too. Using up our resources and strengths so then we can drop everything, stop and hope to enjoy the feeling of making it through. 

Let us celebrate our strengths and abilities to cope with stress. After all, it is an unavoidable part of life and without it we wouldn’t be such amazing human beings. What we can  learn and get better at is resiliency and the recovery process after a stressful situation. To be able to bounce back.

Stress and disease creates opportunity for us to learn and refine emotional and physical recovery. Some of these processes happen automatically in our system – ‘homeostasis – organic stability, the maintenance of steadiness in every respect’.
And, there is a lot that we can do ourselves. First by being aware of what is actually happening and getting to know it by listening and investigating deeply.
 Awareness Through Movement classes offer just that! The space and time to observe, listen and learn through movement. 

 ”Movement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.” – Moshe Feldenkrais

I will be closing this year with a donation based Christmas special Awareness Through Movement class on
 Wednesday 19 Dec 10.30am @ The Forge Yoga Centre, Totnes
Book your place now! 

I would like to thank you all who have come to classes, workshops and individual sessions or read my newsletters this year. 

Your interest, participation, enthusiasm and curiosity is inspiring and wonderful to see. It also means that I can do what I love.
You are wonderful ! 🙂 

Wishing you a peaceful festive season!
May it be full of love, rest and play and whatever you need.  

Weekly classes continue in Totnes and Exeter 

Individual sessions in Totnes from 8 January 2019

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