Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word which means “How do you stand in relation to these many realms?” a more modern translation is “Who are you?”.

The Hakomi Method is an experiential method of body-mind therapy based on using a state of mind known as mindfulness for assisted self-study. Hakomi is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are irrelevant, untrue or out of date. As a method of assisted self-discovery, Hakomi is designed to bring these limiting ideas into consciousness and to help the client discover new ways of being in the world. By bringing into awareness the ideas that inform how we live and how we relate to others, it becomes possible to make changes in the direction of healthier living and happier relationships. The point of the method is to reduce unnecessary suffering and to be able to take in the nourishment that is potentially available to us.

Hakomi was developed by Ron Kurtz, and the origins stem mostly from Buddhism and Taoism, psychotherapeutic techniques and systems theory.

What you need

You need to be willing to be with your own present experience. Your reactions to experiments in mindfulness will be the basis of the work you do. So, you need to be willing to stay focused on your experience. You need to be open to going into mindfulness, which is a calm, inwardly focused state, to simply witness yourself and what happens inside you. You might experience some painful emotions on the way to finding out how to relieve your unnecessary suffering and let go of limiting beliefs and old habitual patterns. You need to be willing to speak about yourself as you feel now. This work is not about asking questions, problem solving or making conversation. The courage you have to be open and honest in looking at yourself are your greatest allies. The rewards will be a deeper understanding of yourself and others, greater pleasure in everyday living, and richer, happier relationships. Self-study can create all that.

Judit has completed the required days of training and began the process of certification. She now offers sessions to practice and grow her skills at the Ola Centre, Totnes. A session lasts 1 hour and it is donation based. Suggested donation £20.

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A short interview with the founder of the method Ron Kurtz.