A very exciting time for me and clients to finally return to hands on bodywork.

Feeling cared for and connected are necessary for our wellbeing. 

My priority is to protect us while we work together and the people and places that we come in contact with, please do the same. 

The Ola health clinic and I have enhanced hygiene and screening measures, and done thorough risk assessments to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19.

However, due to the highly contagious character of the virus, there is a risk of transmission with close contact services. In the 1 to 1 sessions social distancing and skin to skin contact is unavoidable. Please think carefully and responsibly whether it is safe for you to book an appointment.

What measures are in place?

I am reducing the clients I see to 2 or 3 people a day.  I have plenty of time in between clients to air the room, sanitise surfaces, change towels and anything that might contribute to spreading the virus. I will be wearing a mask and an apron that can be sanitised; washing and/or sanitising my hands before and after I touch people or other surfaces. Everyone with possible Covid symptoms is asked to stay home and not enter the centre.

Prior to your appointment I will email you a health questionnaire; a consent form, and we will discuss your purpose of visit. This way we can minimise the consultation time to reduce face to face contact. Payment is via BACS, if that is not possible, a cheque or the correct amount in cash is acceptable.

Upon arrival, reception staff or I will take your temperature with a handheld thermometer. You have to wear a face mask (except when you are lying face down on the massage table) and wash or sanitise your hands when you arrive and leave. Please wait outside, I will come to meet you a few minutes before your appointment. Bring your own water bottle.

I offer 1 to 1 online session for those that are shielding. Please contact me to arrange a session. I offer a free 15 min consultation to find out if what I offer could benefit you. If you are in a high or moderate risk category please weigh up the benefits or risks of receiving a treatment. Contact your GP if you are unsure.

Let’s all look after our own wellbeing but also protect the more vulnerable people around us that are shielding. 

I will update this page when guidelines change so check back from time to time.