“I have to say, despite feeling rather odd directly after leaving the clinic, then an intensity of discomfort in my neck later that evening, the following day I felt really different, and for the better. My neck pain and tension has improved massively, almost completely gone. The numbness in my hands has lessened, so to has my shoulder pain. Also the pins and needles have almost gone. I feel lighter too, if that makes sense. I also had a very emotional reaction to Feldenkrais, which did concern me somewhat, but then I came home and read about this and I now understand that some people do have strong emotional responses to Feldenkrais and that this shouldn’t concern me as our physical self, thoughts and emotions are all connected. It could also be my response to someone being kind and doing something for me personally, the relaxation of being supported and the slow movement of the awareness lesson.”


”I thought your Saturday session in Ashburton was just great. The movements were for the most part, subtle yet very effective. I came away feeling l had relaxed and soothed the muscles in my lower back that have been troubling me for a while, and just felt so energised and balanced!
    I have found all your classes great little ‘oasis’ in moving meditation, through the week. I’m so glad my friend suggested l should give it a try.  You have such a lovely open, bright and humorous personality, it just helps everyone get into the right ‘space’ prior to practice, which is so essential to setting the body mind right at the beginning.
    I always look forward to the weekly classes, as I hope to further improve my general well-being and flexibility. I couldn’t recommend your business any higher, thank you so much, Judit. 10/10”

Martin Harris

”Thank you for the taster class, I had an amazing response from my body and felt so much freer and more balanced afterwards. Until last night, I had four nights of the most healing and comfortable sleep I have had for a long time. I slept in a totally different position and did not wake up in the night. I have done the movements we learned twice since the class and each time noticed the difference.”

Karin Jordan, Creative Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Nature Connection

Judit’s approach is gentle, yet strong and she is exceptionally skilled in building a trusting relationship. I have felt safe with her and nourished by her treatments. I warmly recommend her to prospective clients.

Jon Stein, writer

”I was looking for a gentle way to improve mobility and generally functionality of movement after many years of serious illness. Judit teaches with warmth, openness and humour which puts me at ease and enables my learning. She is an expert at creating a safe environment to work in. I enjoy that she is present in the space whilst teaching. After the Balanced Walking workshop i walked a lot and my body felt able to walk rather than it being a struggle. I felt as if i had an extra ‘walking battery’!”

”I tried Feldenkrais because i wanted to find an easier and simpler way of connecting to body – differently from ashtanga and swimming. I was also experiencing pain in pelvis and hip (arthritic tendency).
I liked spending the time and giving attention to the mild movements that do change something in my body. My body feels released & easy & can actually quietly sit in my body. My pelvis feels lighter and more connected to my legs, feet – joints move lighter and more supple. Breath also feeling more connected and gentle.”

Katrina Brown, choreographer/lecturer

The F.I sessions have worked as a kind of slow infiltration, it is increasingly affecting how I occupy my body in movement. As though my body and the sensation of my body are coming into synch.
It’s become about noticing things rather than correcting things – thats how the sessions are. They are exploratory and suggestive which gives a lot of space, to bring what I know and understand of movement, body and sensation
The hands on approach, different to the Feldenkrais group workshops, gives an extra attention and information to something through touch – the touch is often so light and tiny but very direct, specific, knowing. Its a touch that seems to bypass the muscles, tendons and meat of the body and touch the skeleton – For me this is one of the most exciting affecting aspect of the sessions, getting to the skeleton. Mostly makes me feel very light, simple and easy and sometimes takes a little while to ground again.
The very small movements and touches can have a huge impact on the body. Not in huge explosive excitable  ‘wows’ but in deeply quiet confirming ‘wows’.
Over the weeks my body increasingly integrated and recognised the information it was receiving from the session – like it was building up a memory bank of sensation of moving.
It assumes nothing and corrects nothing, but a lot happens.

Katrina Brown, choreographer/lecturer

The massage was a surprise , a really good surprise. At the same time  Judit has a soft and gentle touch she is present, what called me to my own presence as well. I  had  light back pain when I arrived at the studio and I left with no pain, energised and with a feeling that I was looked after.

Cristiane Guerreiro, student at Schumacher College

Judit really know what she is doing and has such an amazing relationship with how the body moves and what it needs . I feel the influence of Feldenkrais in her massage treatments  and was really blown away with her ability to encourage my body to relax and let go of tension. I feel excited  to have found someone who can work in such a special way. It felt like such a treat to have a treatment with someone who has such special touch and caring  presence .

Lynsey Tiplady

Hello Judit
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Feldenkrais ( awareness through movement ) class On Wednesday.
It was just what I needed. Your gentle guidance was very important , it give the session meaning and helped me to understand the nature of my body.
I felt so relaxed for the rest of the day.

Abi Hamilton-Welch