Judit really know what she is doing and has such an amazing relationship with how the body moves and what it needs . I feel the influence of Feldenkrais in her massage treatments  and was really blown away with her ability to encourage my body to relax and let go of tension. I feel excited  to have found someone who can work in such a special way. It felt like such a treat to have a treatment with someone who has such special touch and caring  presence .

Lynsey Tiplady

Hello Judit
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Feldenkrais ( awareness through movement ) class On Wednesday.
It was just what I needed. Your gentle guidance was very important , it give the session meaning and helped me to understand the nature of my body.
I felt so relaxed for the rest of the day.

Abi Hamilton-Welch

“At Judit’s ‘Awareness Through Movement – Refreshing Hips’ class I was engaged and relaxed, focussed and able to let go. Judit’s calm and clear instructions guided through gentle, yet powerful movements. After the class I felt more free, flowing and fluid in my lower body than I ever have before. Judit’s two-hour class brought me benefits that I’d never experienced during years of regular yoga practice.”

LC, Artist

“A wonderfully relaxing and powerfully therapeutic massage. Beforehand I was unable to turn my head to one side but after my treatment with Judit, I had full mobility returned: I felt great! Judith is a caring, immensely capable and technically talented therapist. I would highly recommend a session.”

LC, Artist

Just come back from my first massage with Judit and I am extremely impressed. I was referred by my GP following an upper back muscular injury and was told the best thing was a sports massage. Judit understood immediately what was required from my description and set to work – the massage itself was extremely relaxing but due to the tender muscles it was understandably uncomfortable at times but not to the point of yelling!! Obviously I am hopeful that the massage has done the trick, but should further treatment be required I would have no hesitation in using Judit’s services again. Thank you. :O)

Keith Ellis

“I’ve experienced back and shoulder pain for many years and have had numerous massages over the years to try and alleviate the pain.  2 weeks ago the pain was nearly unbearable so I did a search for good testimonials of therapists in the SE1 around and came across the Snowfields clinic and read Judit’s reviews.  Although more expensive than other massages I’ve had, I was willing to give it a go when I’d read of other people’s experiences.  I’m so glad I did as Judit was attentive, strong and firm with the right amount of pressure and taught me to breathe in a way to make the massage more effective.  What I really appreciated about Judit was her honesty.  As we both agreed my back was very bad I asked her opinion of how often I’d need to return and she told me to ‘see how you get on’ but maybe once every few weeks if you feel it necessary and see from there.  This was refreshing as other places I’ve been too ‘pressure’ you into returning for many sessions.  This was by far the best massage I’ve ever had and I’ll definitely be going back.  I was so impressed that my husband also saw Judit the following week!  Thank you.”

Ellen Yun

‘Being six months pregnant, I was slightly apprehensive before my massage, particularly as I find lying on my back uncomfortable, however Judit, my therapist at Snowfields, made sure I was very comfy right from the start with pregnancy pillows and a toasty, warm room. Judit listened to my needs and addressed my aches and pains carefully. Not only did I feel lively and supple afterwards, I felt pampered too. I’ve never known an hour to fly so quickly. It’s just what a pregnant mum-to-be could ask for!’


Louise O’Bryan

“I’ve been seeing Judit on and off since February this year, but I’d only see her for one session, and then leave a gap for a few months and see her again.

I’ve got very sore shoulder, neck and back muscles so I returned to see her in November and she recommended that I see her for a few more sessions consecutively so that she could really do some work in the muscles, and see how my body responds. I decided I would do this as I was in quite a lot of pain.

Thankfully I did this as after 3 sessions my muscles are noticeably softer and Judit was ‘chuffed’ to see my body responding well to treatment!

I’ve had many many massages over the years and I have to say that Judit is the first person who has actually been able to treat my problem! Thank you so much Judit! “

Ellen Yun

I booked a 1 hour remedial massage with Judit in April 2015. It was her first day practising from Ola Chiropractic. Her welcome was easy and she quickly and efficiently interviewed me to establish my health and what sorts of discomfort I was experiencing. I felt that she gave just the right amount of time to this before deciding and explaining what she proposed to do. She inspired confidence. The massage itself very effectively to explored, identified and then addressed the areas of discomfort, especially in upper back, shoulders and arms. Pressure was gradually increased and Judit took care always to check whether the pressure she was applying was bearable. At all times she maintained contact and progressed smoothly from one area to the next so that the whole session was “seemless”. Judit also gave useful advice about posture and what to do after the massage. Altogether a very therapeutic experience carried out with the utmost professionalism in a friendly and easy manner.

Gavin King-Smith (67)

The massage with Judit was just what I needed. I have not been able to properly relax in weeks, and within ten minutes I had entered into such a deep restorative place that all I could do was give thanks. Although not fully conscious I can say that she has a wonderful touch, soft, strong, confident, and yet so relaxing…she really got into the spots that needed so much attention that I had been neglecting. Thank you Judit!

Julia Robinson Poet, Translator