The F.I sessions have worked as a kind of slow infiltration, it is increasingly affecting how I occupy my body in movement. As though my body and the sensation of my body are coming into synch.
It’s become about noticing things rather than correcting things – thats how the sessions are. They are exploratory and suggestive which gives a lot of space, to bring what I know and understand of movement, body and sensation
The hands on approach, different to the Feldenkrais group workshops, gives an extra attention and information to something through touch – the touch is often so light and tiny but very direct, specific, knowing. Its a touch that seems to bypass the muscles, tendons and meat of the body and touch the skeleton – For me this is one of the most exciting affecting aspect of the sessions, getting to the skeleton. Mostly makes me feel very light, simple and easy and sometimes takes a little while to ground again.
The very small movements and touches can have a huge impact on the body. Not in huge explosive excitable  ‘wows’ but in deeply quiet confirming ‘wows’.
Over the weeks my body increasingly integrated and recognised the information it was receiving from the session – like it was building up a memory bank of sensation of moving.
It assumes nothing and corrects nothing, but a lot happens.

Katrina Brown, choreographer/lecturer