Balanced Walking Feldenkrais Workshop

28 May (Saturday) from 11.30 till 1.30pm in Totnes @ Chapel House Studios.
The theme is Balanced Walking.
Why walking? 
Well, I had a few people interested in exploring walking and I am being drawn to it more and more with the warming weather and a doggy.
I didn’t used to like walking. I loved being in the woods, mountains and long beaches but the activity of walking never excited me. I much rather cycled, swam, roller skate, ski, ice skate, or caught a bus, get a lift or drive.
But this has changed since i have been learning Feldenkrais. I now find the action of walking a dynamic and interesting way of moving. It can be an exercise, fun or a very relaxing and calming activity. It all depends on the HOW?!
It is when i discovered that walking is a whole body movement that i started liking it. It felt good. I wasn’t just dragging my legs and falling forward to get somewhere, but actually began enjoying the journey, noticing how all the different parts of me were moving in harmony, cooperating together or not, now that can be very interesting! 🙂
This 2 hour workshop will consist of two Awareness Through Movement lessons with a short break in between. They will explore the different elements of walking and how they come together into a pleasant and graceful movement. The lessons are design to produce a learning environment. 
Open to all, no experience needed!
The cost is £18. There is a deposit of £10 payable in advance to secure your place and so i know how many people to expect.
If you need more information or unsure if it is the right thing for you, get in touch.

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