Feldenkrais mini workshop in October – About Balance


Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement mini workshop
About Balance
Saturday 13 October 10.30am – 1pm
@Station Yard Studios, Ashburton

We often talk about balance when it comes to two opposing things: right-left, front-back, top-bottom, mind-heart, activity-rest, sound-silence, work-life …
I see balance as happening all the time, constant adjustments towards a sense of evenness/equilibrium. As if a constant conversation and movement between muscles, joints, brain, emotions and all that is in and around us.
I often hear from people and feel myself being out of balance in some way, weather its physical or mental, something doesn’t feel stable enough. And what I notice is that being out of balance can help us to move towards balance. Not feeling stable is uncomfortable and it calls our attention.
Also being out of balance can feel like falling, because thats what loss of balance results in. A degree of fear/anxiety is instant when the possibility of falling is detected in the system. Part of our nervous system is devoted to protecting us from a fall. This fear/anxiety could be a stiffening, holding of the breath or fast and shallow breathing, tension in the jaw, a kind of stress. Memories of a past fall may have left chronic tension in muscles with emotion attached to it. When these tensions are released some emotions might surface and transform.

In this mini workshop we will explore these ideas of balance and how it can be supported. We will do couple of Awareness Through Movement lessons. I look forward to chat to people about their experiences or ideas about this topic.

Lessons of the Feldenkrais Method allow time to reflect on and observe the ways we unconsciously learned to move or hold ourselves, creating habits and larger asymmetries. Once you are aware of these habits you can begin to explore different possibilities for movement and a more even distribution of support and work.

Cost: £22

What to bring and wear?

Bring your mat and/or blanket. There are mats and blankets available at the studio too. Wear warm and comfortable clothes that you can move easily in. There will be a short break in the middle for a quick tea, bring a snack if you need one.

Arrive at least 5-10 min early to settle so we can begin at 10.30am.
If it is your first time doing ATM arrive 15 min early for a short introduction. 

There is free parking in front of the studio

 4 Station Cottages, Ashburton, TQ13 7EF

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