Feet coming alive – 8 April

It is your feet that are closest and most in touch with the ground.

In the cold months we put layers of socks and big boots on to keep them warm and dry and so reduce their intimacy with the ground. As spring approaches those little feet will be more exposed and as if awakening from a winter sleep.

It takes time to get used to walking with less padding under our feet or less support around the ankles.

If our feet and ankles aren’t clever enough (mobile, stable and functionally connected to the rest of ourselves) to be able to adjust to different surfaces of the ground it will affect the knees and hips. When there is pain in the knees and hips we begin to think that there is something wrong with them and we miss looking at a very important part of our legs, the feet!

There are 26 bones in a foot, and their articulation and alignment is crucial for the ability to effortlessly carry our weight.
One of the roles of our feet is to meet the ground forces and transfer them up through the whole body to move us forward, or backwards, or sideways and sometimes up  🙂

If the feet don’t function well (this could mean that they are fixed, too mobile or inactive due to improper use or an injury) there is a tendency to contract and hold or move other parts of ourselves more to make up for the lack of proper function in the feet. This can obviously happen anywhere in the body and mostly on an unconscious level.

There is a lot you can do towards well balanced and supportive feet and a whole body.

With The Feldenkrais Method you can begin to be aware and conscious of the habitual movements and fixations your feet and ankles and the rest of you have developed. Once you start to sense these habits, whether they are contractions, looseness, reduced or extra activity you can begin to find different possibilities for movement and areas of support. When your nervous system has choice it will pick the best option for its needs. When everything is integrated and works together it feels wonderful! When movement feels good we have a sense that we can do anything. Its freeing!

Come along to this workshop where slow and gentle movements with attention will help you find how your feet can support you with the sense of aliveness. It will help with aches, pains or stiffness and they will become more reliable to carry you on the spring adventures.

Cost: £22

What to bring and wear?

Bring your mat and/or blanket. There are mats and blankets available at the studio too. Wear warm and comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.

Where and When?

Station Yard Studios, 4 Station Yard, Chuley Road, TQ13 7EF, Ashburton

Sunday 8 April 11am -1.30 pm 

Book you place now by contacting Judit here.

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