Workshop this Saturday 4 Nov! 11 AM – 1.30 PM in Station Yard Studio, Ashburton

This mini workshop will help not just your legs and breathing, but most importantly your  posture! You will explore how your legs from feet up connect to and engage with the pelvis. This relationship of your legs and pelvis will make you feel pretty confident on your feet. Freeing up your breathing creates an uplifting quality of you torso, head and shoulders. Your core will feel like there is Bruce Lee living in it 🙂

It will help release the build up tension in your lower back and engage your centre for support and control.  The gentle and slow movements with attention are relaxing with an energising quality to take with you.

There will be two Awareness Through Movement lessons with a short break in between. The lessons are done lying on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing that you enjoy moving in. Have a few layers and warm socks.

Get in touch to book or for more information. Only a few more places left!


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