Next Feldenkrais Workshop – Handy Connections

Handy Connections aka Fingers and Hands Connecting to Back, Chest and Eyes is the theme of the next workshop.

6 AUG @ The Chapel House Studios 11AM ’til 1.30PM £22

Our hands are precious. They are part of almost everything we do, enriching our lives greatly. They are our tools to make and do things we want.
Just think of how much you use your hands and fingers during a day. And how often do you stop to look at them, feel them and appreciate their refined skills that evolved to interact with your environment? We often take their function for granted. Until of course something happens and they don’t work the way they used to.
Perhaps if your profession or passion involves directly the use of hands e.g. playing an instrument, making art or craft, sport (tennis, climbing, …), working on a computer, therapy, using heavy machinery, than you are perhaps more aware of the importance of the proper functioning of the hands.
What do you do to care for your hands?

This workshop will focus on developing more sensitivity and coordination in the hands and fingers. There will be attention on noticing unnecessary tension in the hands, fingers, arms and shoulders. The support of the back and chest is important for shoulder stability which than reflects on the ease of movement, good function and softness of the hands, wrists and elbows.

The workshop will consist of two Awareness Through Movement classes with a break in between. Bring your curiosity, questions, experiences and ideas. There should be some time for sharing and talk throughout the break if you want to.

Bring a mat and a blanket to lie on. Wear comfortable and loose clothes warm enough for slow movement and stillness.

No previous experience necessary.

Get in touch if you would like to book or need more information.
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