Happy Festive Season and 2017 News!

I would like to wish you all a very happy festive season! Hope you will enjoy yourself without any feelings of guilt!

In 2017 we begin the regular ATM classes on the 11 Jan with a Taster in a new venue. The lovely Forge will be our weekly container to explore and learn about ourselves through movement. I am looking forward to teach new lessons with the curious and attentive group that has built up over the past year and welcoming new ones. Many people already confirmed their attendance on the taster so if you are interested book your place as only a few left.

One more thing!


14 Jan Saturday 11am – 1.30pm –  Free Your Neck and Shoulders

28 Jan  Saturday 11am – 1.30pm –  Get to know your pelvis and hip joints

The South Devon Pilates Studio will be our host. I look forward to have a helper too – a full size skeleton!  In the workshops you will have a more in depth experience and develop greater awareness of yourself and your movements. Book your place soon!

Lie on the floor often and feel yourself.

With Warm Wishes for the New Year,


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